December 12, 2022
Alipio Umiten IV

Curbside Pick Up: What Is Curbside Pick Up Technology?

Have you ever been out and about and realized you needed something from the store but didn’t want to have to carry it all back? Or maybe you were running errands and had so much stuff to do, but no car to put it all in? If so, then you may be familiar with curbside pick up technology.

Such restaurant technology helps your customers order items and pick them up at the store without the need for leaving the car. This can keep things convenient–and safe! Keep reading for a better look at curbside pick up and how it can bring big benefits to your  restaurant business.

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What Is Curbside Pick Up?

Curbside pick up is a service offered by many restaurants that allow customers to order and pay for their food online or over the phone and then pick it up at a designated time from a curbside location, usually without having to leave their car. This service is incredibly convenient for busy families or individuals living in rural areas and those who do not want to deal with the hassle of finding parking or waiting in line.

If you’re in the food business, a curbside pick up can be a real game-changer. Whether you’re a fast-food chain or a casual dining restaurant, offering curbside pickup can increase restaurant sales and improve your customer service. And if you have a drive-thru, adding curbside pick up gives your customers even more options.

What Is Curbside Technology?

In the restaurant industry, curbside technology refers to any system or process that helps streamline the pick up and delivery of orders placed online or via a mobile app.

Some of the most popular curbside technologies available on the market include:

GPS Tracking: GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location of delivery drivers in real-time, which can help ensure that orders are delivered on time. It can also be used to track the progress of orders as they move through the restaurant, from the kitchen to the customer’s car.

Contactless Payments: Contactless payment options, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, allow customers to pay for their orders without exchanging cash or cards. This reduces contact between staff and customers and makes the pickup process more efficient.

Online Ordering Apps: An online ordering platform allows customers to place their orders directly with the restaurant without using a third-party app. Ultimately, this all makes it much easier for business owners like you to keep a close watch on evolving order preferences and trends. 

Restaurant technology is constantly evolving, and new curbside technologies are continuously being developed. Keep up with the latest food trends and restaurant industry trends so that you know you’re offering the best possible experience to their customers.

Why Is Curbside Pick Up Important?

Curbside has quickly become essential for the modern eatery. Here are just some of the reasons that this ability should come standard at your locations:

  1. Speed up service by allowing customers to place and pay for their orders in advance. This eliminates the need to wait in line to order and pay.
  2. Reduce wait times by allowing customers to pick up their food when they are ready, rather than waiting for it to be prepared.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction by letting consumers avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot and carrying their food to their car.

Greater than the benefits of curbside pickup, curbside also assists with the burden of your labor cost. Helping customers to place their orders in advance, these tools help you from hiring added staff, like wait staff or servers, when there’s a reduced need to take orders and prepare food in-person. Even more, you can use this technology to automate the pick up, which further reduces the money you will spend on labor alone.

7 Factors to Consider When Deciding If Curbside Pick Up Is Right For Your Business

If your business relies on customers coming in to shop or pick up orders, you might be wondering if curbside pick up technology is right for you. The short answer is: it depends. Curbside pickup can work well for various businesses, but it’s not necessarily a good fit for everyone.

Here are seven points to review when deciding if curbside pickup is right for your business:

1. Customer Demand

One of the most important factors to consider is whether your customers are interested in using a curbside pickup. If you’re unsure, try surveying your customers or asking them directly. It’s also worth considering whether curbside pickup would be a convenience for your customers or if shopping in store is a necessity.

2. Order Volume

If you’re considering implementing curbside pickup, it’s important to think about your order volume. A higher-order volume can benefit significantly from a curbside pickup, as it can help to reduce congestion in your store or office. However, curbside pickup might not be worth the investment if you have a lower order volume.

Additionally, your fill rate and sell through rate are essential factors to consider. A higher fill rate means that you’re able to fill more orders, while a higher sell through rate indicates that more of your inventory is selling. Curbside pickup improves both of these metrics, which can, in turn, increase your profitability.

3. Order Size

Another thing to consider is the average size of your orders. If you typically have large orders, curbside pick up can help customers avoid carrying heavy bags or boxes into their cars. However, curbside pick up might not make as much sense if your orders are small.

4. Type of Products

The type of products you sell is also worth considering when deciding if curbside pickup is right for your business. If you sell large, bulky items, curbside pickup can be a great way to save customers the hassle of lugging those items into their cars. On the other hand, if you sell smaller items that can easily be carried, the curbside pickup might not make as much sense.

5. Location

Another essential factor to consider is your location. If you’re located in a densely populated area, curbside pickup can reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for customers to get in and out of your store or office. However, curbside pickup might not be as practical if you’re located in a rural area.

6. Parking

Another thing to consider is whether you have adequate parking for curbside pickup. If you don’t have enough parking spaces or if your parking lot is difficult to navigate, curbside pickup might not be a good option for your business.

7. Budget

Curbside pickup technology can be expensive, so it’s important to ensure you can afford the investment. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of staffing someone to manage the curbside pickup process. Finally, you’ll need to consider your budget when deciding if curbside pickup is right for your business.

Keep these factors in mind if you’re planning to include curbside pickup in your restaurant business plan. Curbside pick up can be an excellent option for some businesses, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

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5 Steps to Implementing Curbside Pick Up In Restaurants

If you’re a restaurant manager or owner, you know that curbside pickup is a great way to increase your business. But how do you go about setting it up? Here are a few tips on how to implement curbside pick up at your restaurant:

1. Decide what type of curbside service you want to offer.

There are different types of curbside pickup services you can offer. In-car pickup is one option, where customers remain in their vehicles and have someone load their purchase into their trunk or back seat.

Door-side pickup is another option, where customers come to your door to pick up their purchases. There is also an alternative, such as offering a delivery service such as coffee delivery service.

2. Train your staff to take orders and fulfill curbside pickups properly.

This includes everything from greeting the customer and taking their order over the phone or at the window, to packaging the food properly for pick-up, to providing directions if necessary.

3. Ensure you have adequate signage so that customers know where to go when they arrive for curbside pickup.

This could include a sign at the entrance to your parking lot and signs leading up to the designated pick-up area.

4. Inform your regular deliveries about your new curbside pickup service.

This way, they can be prepared to hand off orders to customers who are picking up, rather than attempting to deliver the food themselves.

5. Promote curbside pickup to customers.

Let customers know what’s available and how it works. Otherwise, they’re less likely to take advantage of the tools you have added for them. 

How Does Curbside Pick Up Work?

When you order food from a restaurant that offers curbside pickup, you’ll typically have the option to choose this service when placing your order. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll need to go to the restaurant and park in a designated spot for curbside pickup.

You’ll then call the restaurant to let them know you’re there, and they’ll bring your food out to you. Some restaurants may require you to pay for your food upfront when ordering, while others will allow you to pay when picking up your food.

Frequently Asked Questions About Curbside Pick Up Technology

Is Curbside Pick Up eCommerce?

Yes, curbside pickup can be considered a form of eCommerce. This is because customers can order and purchase items online, then pick them up at a designated location.

What Does Contactless Curbside Mean?

Contactless curbside pick up means that you can pick up your order without physically interacting with anyone. This can be done by using a code or QR code that is provided to you when you place your order.

What Kinds of Businesses Should Consider Curbside Pick Up Technology?

There’s no question that curbside pickup technology can be valuable to any business, but which ones will benefit the most? Here are four types of businesses that should strongly consider adding curbside pickup to their operations:

  1. Retailers
  2. Restaurants
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Pharmacies

Curbside Pickup is a much-needed service for restaurants and customers alike. It addresses consumer needs while also helping businesses provide a fast way to pick up online orders.

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