October 12, 2022
Lauren Platero

Casino Food | 5 Ways to Automate Casino Food Menu Ordering

It’s no secret that technologies and practices within the restaurant industry appear in other sectors of the entire hospitality industry, too. Various casino tech solutions include ways to automate food ordering processes. From integrated POS systems to unique app integrations, many casino software companies have ways to enhance customer service and efficiency simultaneously.

Ever wonder how you can automate the food ordering process within a casino? If so, you’re in the right place! But before jumping into ways to incorporate restaurant automation into your business, let’s take a look at what might be on casino food menus.

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Casino Food

Aside from gambling, food sales are some of the largest revenue sources for casinos. It’s also common for casinos to offer a variety of menu types.

On a casino food menu, you’ll likely find the following items:

A casino’s biggest source of revenue are its games. With this in mind, it’s important to make dining options quick and convenient for consumers.

Allowing certain food items and drinks inside the casino can also help promote higher sales. Not will food and drinks seen inside the casino serve as a reminder to others, but it will keep happy gamers on the premises.

To sustain stellar customer satisfaction, a business must make the customer experience convenient and efficient. By combining food, drinks, and games, casinos can easily accomplish this goal.

Casino Drinks

Every casino food menu displays a section for beverages. However, since casinos are part of resorts and vacation destinations, they often have an additional drink menu featuring different types of alcohol.  

A brief overview of casino drinks will cover the following:

Out of all the different types of inventory, alcohol has the highest markup of all. This means that by offering alcoholic beverages, a casino’s food business can boost overall profitability in no time.

An important fact about casinos to keep in mind is that most US states require guests to be at least 21 years of age to enter. Since this is the legal drinking age in the United States, this will ensure that all guests in most casinos can purchase alcoholic beverages. So even though the liquor license cost is a major investment, the casino owner will at least have the peace of mind that their ideal customer profile will be able to purchase such products.

Sometimes, a restaurant will pay for a liquor license and then attract a target audience spanning all ages. In cases like this, restaurants can have a difficult time breaking even from that expense. But in a casino, it’s more likely to see consistent sales of alcoholic beverages on a consistent basis.

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Order Casino Food

Now that you have a clear idea as to what to put on your casino food menu, it’s time to get orders rolling in. But how exactly can you streamline these restaurant operations within a casino?

Here are five innovative ways to automate casino food ordering processes:

1. Online Ordering Apps

Mobile ordering can do wonders at a casino. Every onsite restaurant can be available on an app, giving customers a wide variety.

It’s also valuable to remember that one POS system can sync data across multiple business entities and multiple locations. If a casino business should be a franchise, a system with cloud-based storage will come in handy.

2. Inventory Management and Procurement

Say goodbye to manual inventory tracking and onboard an innovative tech solution to do the calculations for you. When the business owner or restaurant manager collects kitchen inventory the old-fashioned way, there’s a high chance of human error.

By utilizing a restaurant inventory management software like BlueCart, you’ll be able to take inventory with ease and accuracy. Once you improve your inventory management techniques, you’ll likely have more flexibility within your budget, as well less inventory spoilage and shrinkage.

3. QR Codes

QR codes are such a simple concept, yet they can perform wonders for a business’ profitability. From slot machines to poker tables, there are countless areas of a casino to display a custom QR code.

Customers can use the camera app on their smartphones to scan the code and view an updated version of the casino food menu. Then, they can place orders for pickup or in-casino delivery. It’s that simple, and a foolproof way to help maximize profits.

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4. Kiosks

Casinos are busy environments within an even more upbeat structure–resorts. Eliminating wait times as much as possible will lessen the risk of dissatisfaction amongst customers. It can also assist your customer retention strategies. Not only do kiosks help to ensure accuracy across food and drink orders, but they also give customers more control over their purchasing decisions.

Self ordering kiosks can integrate with a restaurant POS platform to streamline operations. Plus, they require fewer restaurant expenses than traditional eateries. Onboarding this kind of restaurant tech at your casino can boost net sales while maintaining minimum costs, such as the labor cost.

5. Built-In Loyalty Programs

Automating a casino or restaurant loyalty program will be beneficial for both consumers and casino staff. When loyalty programs initially rose in popularity, businesses would use a punch card to track rewards.

Now, many POS partners allow businesses to integrate some kind of customer rewards program into their strategy. Customers sign up by submitting basic information and can redeem available perks upon paying the bill.

By automating a rewards program, customers can feel confident that they’ll never miss out on freebies. It will also ensure the casino staff that they’re giving out an accurate amount of rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Food

Casino food options can span a wide variety. However, it’s important to have favorable dishes and accompanying drinks to serve your customers. Food sales can escalate revenue quite a bit–especially when you make smart decisions when ordering ingredients.

Want to learn more about the importance of an attractive casino food menu? See below:

What Food Do Casinos Serve?

Casino food typically comes from on-premise restaurants. So, casinos can serve anything from traditional American favorites to international fare. It all depends on each individual casino and the options available nearby.

What Do You Serve At a Casino Party?

Serve delicious drinks and mess-free finger foods at a casino party. The main focus during a casino party is the chance to win prizes. With this in mind, serve casino food that guests can enjoy while playing casino party games.

How Do You Host a Successful Casino Night?

If you’d like to host a successful casino night, follow these steps:

  • Set a date and time
  • Choose a venue that suits the theme
  • Purchase and design the decor
  • Order casino food through a caterer
  • Hire a DJ or band
  • Choose the games and prizes
  • Send out invitations

What Are Some Popular Finger Foods?

Some of the most popular finger foods include:

  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Stuffed olives
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Fried pickles

What Do You Serve At a Card Club?

Make card club gatherings festive with unique food and drink options. Consider making appetizer displays with a variety of convenient finger foods. It’s also a good idea to always have a variety of beverages available. From liquor and mixers to soft drinks, provide guests with an array to choose from.