December 6, 2022
Lauren Platero

Boost Customer Service With These 7 Automation Benefits

Finding effective and innovative ways to boost customer service is vital for any business. However, using groundbreaking restaurant tech solutions to do so is quite prevalent within the hospitality industry.

Restaurant automation can create a more customer-centric environment. Whether consumers are able to book restaurant reservations independently or use self ordering kiosks to purchase food, there are numerous ways that automation can boost customer service.

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Boost Customer Service

The reasons to enhance customer service within the restaurant industry are endless. Many hospitality software companies offer cloud-based platforms and digital devices that automate standard restaurant procedures.

In doing so, eateries are able to accomplish many high-level goals, and even increase the number of positive customer reviews on their website. Enhancing customer service thanks to automation is a promising tactic. So, let’s dive into various benefits it can deliver to your business.

Boost Customer Service Through Automation

Automation tools are known to streamline restaurant operations. In doing so, they have the potential to boost customer service.

In a traditional setting, the restaurant staff is busy catering to various tasks. But when you’re able to put several duties on autopilot, it results in a much better customer experience.

Want to learn how automation tools can enhance customer service? Check out these seven key benefits!

1. Automation Ensures Accuracy

Pre-programmed elements of restaurant automation tools make it an efficient solution. Tools like kiosks and online ordering apps already list the items from the menu types, in addition to all of the variables customers can change.

Such tools eliminate the risk of human error while taking an order. When a person places a food order through an automated platform, the exact information is sent straight to the different types of chefs on duty.

Not only are accurate orders a foolproof way to boost customer service, but it’s vital for safety protocols. Customers might have an allergy or intolerance to specific ingredients, so it’s key that orders come out right.

2. Automation Saves Times

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is making the customer wait. Whether customers are waiting in line or the wait staff isn’t serving dishes quickly enough, slow service is a quick way to diminish customer satisfaction.

Automation can help solve this problem as it allows people to multitask. For instance, automation tools can accept orders and send them to the kitchen. Then, staff can use their free time to tend to their tables.

Or, consumers can use innovative restaurant technology to place orders in advance. The eatery will have enough time to prepare the order, which can eliminate wait time altogether.

3. Automation Allows for Customization

Allowing your customers to purchase exactly what they want is key for stellar customer service. Let them customize orders, so you can sell the optimal product or service.

Let’s say you manage country clubs or a customer rewards program at an eatery. There may be a list of variables that a customer can choose from upon checkout.

Add all of the options to the POS system so that customers can create their own package. Considering they won’t be paying for anything they don’t want, this feature will be sure to make consumers happy.

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4. Automation Is More Likely to Be ADA-Compliant

It is required by law that every business accommodates ADA compliance regulations. However, many companies take the initiative to offer more than what the law mandates.

Many restaurant automation software options use solutions invented during the digital transformation, such as tablets and apps. Achieve complete inclusivity by offering audio and visual features within your app integrations.

In many situations, brands miss out on sales because consumers are unable to place an order. So not only will ADA-compliant features benefit the customers, but they’ll enhance the business’ profitability, too.

5. Automation Often Eliminates Contact

If a global health crisis has taught us one thing, it’s that people enjoy contactless purchases. In fact, many companies have permanently adopted contactless payments.

Contactless transactions can help cut down wait times. For example, if a particular group of consumers enjoys pay at table restaurants, then they don’t have to rely on one of the waiters for a menu or the bill. In this specific instance, eateries benefit as well, as a high table turnover rate results in more sales.

6. Automaton Puts Standard Tasks On Autopilot

It’s no secret that automation is more efficient. One of the most valuable perks of such technology is that it can put standardized tasks on autopilot.

Though this might not seem like something that would benefit customers, you’d be surprised! When routine practices are put in place at a business, the company is able to create the same experience for customers, time after time.

When people know what to expect, it creates a more relaxing atmosphere. A fully automated fast food restaurant is a prime example of this concept. No matter how many times you visit, you’ll likely receive what you had in mind–from the experience to the food.

7. Automatic Rewards Are A Pleasant Surprise

A restaurant loyalty program can take sales and customer service efforts to the next level. However, using automation features will simplify rewards redemption.

Nowadays, businesses can add all relevant customer data to the restaurant POS platform. But in a traditional setting before newer innovations, businesses would use punch cards.

Though punch cards can do the trick, it’s not the most organized method. Fortunately, customers can benefit from adding their phone number or email address when making a purchase. Then, rewards will be available once consumers earn them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Boost Customer Service

Customer service is a business sector that every company should invest in. From gaining more customers to enhancing the brand’s image, boosting customer service can perform wonders.

Want to learn more about customer service strategies and their importance? Read on to discover more insight for your business!

How Do You Boost Customer Service?

Companies can boost customer service by providing accessible communication outlets and quick solutions. More often than not, people contact customer service when they run into an issue or have a question. If friendly personnel is able to communicate and solve issues, your customer service ratings should be high.

If you’re looking for ways to accomplish this in your business, consider implementing the following tactics:

  • Customer service phone scripts
  • Sufficient and frequent trainings
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • An in-depth product and service manual

What Are the Benefits of Boosting Customer Service?

There are countless benefits that come along if you boost customer service. Some of the most popular ones that companies strive for include:

  • Acquire positive reviews
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve the business’ reputation

What Are the Powerful Strategies to Boost Customer Service?

Here are some of the most powerful strategies to implement if you’re looking to boost customer service and engagement:

  • Understand your customers
  • Present positive attitudes
  • Properly train your employees
  • Onboard useful tech solutions
  • Streamline daily processes
  • Measure the team’s performance
  • Incentivize staff to reach goals

What Are the Three Most Important Things In Customer Service?

If you’re trying to boost customer service, these are the three most important aspects:

  • Professionalism: As a customer service professional, you’re directly interacting with a brand’s consumer base. With this in mind, you have the potential to become the face of the company. Being professional will go a long way and result in positive reviews.
  • Patience: Working in customer service involves a lot of unhappy customers and problems to solve. When you combine these two factors, it’s necessary to remain calm and patient.
  • People-First Mentality: As a customer service team member, it’s essential that you put the customers first. After all, the primary focus of your position is to help customers, solve their issues, and ensure that they walk away happy.

What Are Great Customer Service Skills?

People skills are some of the best traits for those working to boost customer service. Other skills to acquire before working in this field include:

  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Patience and empathy
  • Attention to detail
  • Tech-savviness