December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

Bakery Online Ordering: 12 Tips for Bakery Owners in 2024

Are you planning to open a bakery but don’t know which restaurant tech to use? Or, are you already a business owner but are looking for ways to boost sales? If you answered yes to either of these questions, bakery online ordering might be a good idea for your business.    

Online ordering does wonders for various types of eateries within the restaurant industry. More recently, bakeries have also begun reaping the benefits of innovative restaurant technology.

If you want to increase bakery sales, onboard the tools to support bakery online ordering. But first, let’s learn all about it.

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Bakery Online Ordering: Definition

Bakery online ordering is the ability to order items from a bakery for pickup or delivery. Many bakeries are beginning to use online ordering platforms as they offer a sense of convenience to their customers.

When businesses offer bakery online ordering, they also have the potential to land more sales and higher cart values. Plus, delivery options expand their geographic reach.

As a bakery owner, there are numerous ways to optimize bakery online ordering. Continue reading to learn more.

Tips For Bakery Online Ordering Services  

Are you a bakery owner searching for ways to elevate your business? Perhaps starting a bakery business is your goal, and you want to hit the ground running.

Remember that bakery online ordering services can take your business to the next level. If you should go this route, continue reading to learn twelve valuable tips.

1. Integrate POS Systems

Onboard a POS system that integrates with all of your third-party apps. Other restaurant POS features should also be included with your system.

Integrations like rewards, customer data, and inventory management are just a few that should exist within your restaurant POS platform.

Have questions about POS integrations? Book a demo with Revolution Ordering to learn more about food tech for your business.

2. Sell Food Online

Bakery online ordering service should offer online shipments to maximize profits. Learn how to ship food to ensure that you’re abiding by all of the rules and regulations.

As you implement different restaurant marketing strategies, your bakery may become well known outside your region. Take advantage of marketing and eCommerce practices to amplify bakery sales.

Launch an eCommerce website, create an email marketing strategy, and invest in restaurant SEO. Then, learn how to ship cookies and other high demand products.

3. Prepare Food In Advance

Food prep does wonders for various types of eateries. As a bakery owner, there are numerous ways to prepare food in advance to simplify restaurant operations.

Some of the simplest ways to prepare food include:

  • Designate refrigerator space for different types of perishables, such as dairy, eggs, milk, and more
  • Organize dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, and salt into ready-to-go containers in common measurements
  • Mix the dough in large batches and freeze it (just be mindful of expiration dates)
  • Organize decor based on color, theme, or product type
  • Seal and package baked goods to sell on bakery shelves

If you properly manage kitchen inventory, food prep should be a breeze. Once you have a regular reorder point for various types of inventory, you’ll be able to make a schedule to prepare all of your recipes.

4. Offer Curbside Pickup

Curbside pick up is a convenient service for restaurants and bakeries. Plus, it goes hand in hand with contactless payments.

Consumers often visit bakeries on their way to a special occasion or get-together. By offering curbside pickup (see: difference between curbside and pick up), they can save the time it’d take to choose items and pay.  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup has also become favorable for being a safer option. If you don’t offer this already, we recommend it.

5. Dine-In Options

Unless you operate a counter-style bakery, offer dine-in options. At first, it might seem contradictory to furnish a dining room to boost online ordering. However, it has a positive impact over time.

By offering sit-down service, you’re providing locals with a new casual dining option. As you generate traffic to your bakery, you’ll quickly boost your online business’ visibility.

If this isn’t something you offer already, closely monitor sales. You’ll need to know if this benefits the business before making a long-term commitment to table service.

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6. Manage Inventory

Once you launch bakery online ordering services, you’ll likely experience a surge in sales. When this occurs, it’s vital to have an organized kitchen.

Quickly take inventory, reduce food spoilage, and eliminate inventory shrinkage. Inventory management techniques help keep menu items in stock. Plus, they streamline operations.  

Consider using a restaurant inventory management app like BlueCart to simplify inventory and order management. Book a demo now to learn more!

7. Partner With Delivery Apps

Restaurants are typically the only eateries that offer delivery. Stand out within a niche market and offer bakery delivery.  

Online ordering apps are simple and convenient ways to sell goods to a wider market. By doing so, you can serve those beyond bakery visitors.

There are also many ways to incentivize higher cart values, such as a restaurant loyalty program or suggested items. Plus, consumer data shows that people spend more money online than in person.

One of the perks of using delivery apps is that you won’t have to outsource drivers. Such platforms hire freelance delivery personnel. With this said, you won’t have to worry about increasing the labor cost.

8. Install Kiosks

Counter-style and dine-in bakeries can benefit from self ordering kiosks. They eliminate duties for wait staff and provide quicker service.

One of the great features of kiosks is that they offer secure payment processing methods.  PCI standards and various payment methods allow for safe transactions. Plus, multiple options make it inclusive to everyone.

Kiosks can also allow eateries to service more customers at once. While people are ordering food on their own, cashiers can take other orders. If you experience busy shifts and have a standardized menu, they might be right for your business.

9. Cater Parties and Special Events

Does your bakery cater large events? If so, consider providing bakery online ordering services.

When people organize private parties, it would be much simpler to select all of their food items through a digital platform. Then, they can schedule a delivery.

Day-of plans for events like parties and weddings can be extremely hectic for venues and the guest(s) of honor. By offering bakery online ordering, you can also offer delivery.

Many event management companies collaborate with bakeries. With bakery online ordering, you may be just a few steps away from a new selling proposition.

10. Furnish Separate Kitchens

When customers suffer from food allergies, they’re less likely to order online. This is because they cannot view the kitchen and cannot directly express their concerns to the staff.

By separating your kitchen space, you’ll be able to accommodate many more customers. As this is something to advertise, consumers with dietary restrictions will likely flock to your business.

Bakery owners can also reserve a section of their kitchen, or a second kitchen entirely, for special occasion items. This way, customers can still purchase high-ticket products for their big event.

11. Use Digital Indoor Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a must if you operate a quick service restaurant. But what about bakeries?

Menu boards connect to a digital platform, allowing staff members to frequently change the lists. Bakery products can sell rather quickly. So if you operate a large facility, accurate menus will be useful.  

Menu boards can also display your most popular items and food trends. Not only will this increase sales, but it will also act as a subtle promotion.

12. Use QR Codes

QR codes are an innovative and sleek way to display your menu types. They also eliminate physical menus for dine-in bakeries.

One of the best parts about digital menus is that they’ll sync with your bakery online ordering platforms. This also means you can make as many changes as you’d like without confusing customers.

Bakeries are known to switch up their pastry and dessert menu items all the time. So, it’s important that you keep the menus consistent.

Book a free demo with SproutQR to get custom QR codes today! Creating QR codes with a user-friendly app is super easy, and will give your bakery an extra touch of professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bakery Online Ordering

There’s a lot to consider when launching bakery online ordering services. If you’re still unsure about this style of business, continue reading to gain more insight.

How Do You Start A Bakery Online Ordering Business?

Begin an online bakery business by opening a bakery and launching an eCommerce website. After learning how to open a bakery and marketing it to the public, learn how you’ll process orders. This may involve shipping costs, packaging, and so on.

How Do You Order A Cake Online?

Order a cake online by choosing the size, flavor, and number of tiers. Some shops that offer bakery online ordering services allow customers to customize the whole design online. However, this would warrant a stop by the brick and mortar shop for major events.

What Questions Should I Ask A Baker?

Several of the most important questions to ask a baker are:

  • From where do you source your ingredients?
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
  • Do you offer allergy-friendly options?
  • What are your prices like?
  • Do you deliver to private events?
  • Can I order baked goods online?

How Do You Ask For Cake Prices?

If you’re shopping for a cake, ask the bakery owner what they charge for different styles and sizes. Cakes will differ in price depending on flavor, decor, size, and number of tiers.

What Are Some Questions About Baking?

Some of the most important questions about baking include:

  • What’s the difference between baking powder and baking soda?
  • Can I leave baked goods in the oven at a higher temperature for a shorter time?
  • What are effective vegan replacements for eggs and butter?
  • Is there a difference between authentic and artificial flavor extracts?
  • What is the shelf life for various ingredients?