December 7, 2022
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How to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant: 23 Ideas

Are you ready to attract customers to your restaurant? You will be after reading this! If you’re opening a restaurant or already in business, ensure your success by reading the helpful tips below on how to attract new customers to your restaurant. Read on!

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How to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Are you looking for ways to attract new customers to your restaurant? If so, you’re not alone. In a competitive industry like the food and beverage industry, it’s important to always think of new ways to bring in business.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to attract new customers to your restaurant. Here are 23 ideas to get you started:

  1. Setting Excellent Service Standards

Make sure your food and service are top-notch. Of course, even with all the marketing and promotional efforts in the world, none of it will matter if your food and service are not up to par.

Ensure you are offering quality dishes that are reasonably priced, and that your wait staff is attentive and professional. If you provide an excellent overall dining experience, customers will be more likely to come back and recommend your restaurant to others.

  1. Create Your Own Unique Menu

If you want to stand out from the competition, it’s important to have unique restaurant menus that offer something different from other restaurants in the area. Creating a unique menu is a great way to attract customers to your restaurant. Think outside the box—offer unusual combinations of flavors or ingredients, or create signature dishes that are only available at your restaurant.

Some ideas for creating a unique menu include:

  • Offering dessert options that are not typically found on restaurant menus
  • Adding a prix fixe brunch menu with creative and unusual dishes
  1. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The best way to reach new customers is by creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. This means keeping the front of house (FOH) clean, tidy, and comfortable for customers and kitchen staff.

Maintaining a clean and well-organized back of house (BOH) area is also important. This ensures that food is prepared in a safe and sanitary environment.

There are a few key elements to consider when it comes to restaurant cleaning and upkeep:

  • Ensure you have a comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist. This should cover everything from the floors and tables to the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Invest in high-quality cleaning supplies. This will make the cleaning process easier and more effective.
  1. Stay Current With Industry Trends

To keep your restaurant relevant and attract new customers, you must stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. This means reading trade publications, attending food shows, and networking with other restaurateurs. By understanding what’s new and exciting in the food world, you can ensure your menu and operations are on trend and appealing to diners.

Some of the latest food trends include:

  • healthy eating
  • plant-based proteins
  • ethnic flavors
  • locally sourced ingredients

To keep up with these trends, you’ll need a good handle on your supply chain management. Make sure you’re working with wholesale meat and wholesale produce suppliers who can provide you with the latest products and ingredients. And don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen – diners always look for new and exciting flavor combinations.

  1. Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to reach out to potential customers and promote your business.

Here are some tips for using social media marketing for restaurants:

  • Use high-quality photos of your food. People love to see mouth-watering photos of delicious dishes, so post them on your social media platforms.
  • Use hashtags to attract attention. Hashtags help people discover new content, so use them wisely.
  • Post regularly. Consistent posting will help keep your restaurant top of mind for potential customers.

When done right, social media can be a great way to increase your restaurant’s ROI. So make sure to put some time and effort into promoting yourself on these platforms!

  1. Create Special Offers

Offering discounts and coupons are a great way to attract new customers to your restaurant. Try offering a discount for first-time customers or those who mention your restaurant on social media.

You could also offer a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert by purchasing an entree food. Whatever you decide, make sure your offers are enticing enough to bring in new business!

  1. Offer Packages to Local Businesses

Another way to attract customers to your restaurant is to offer packages to local businesses. This could include a discount for company employees or a special catering package for events.

You may be surprised at how many businesses are willing to take advantage of these sorts of deals, and it can help boost your bottom line. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with other businesses in the community.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Research local businesses in your area and find out what their needs are. Do they host regular events that could benefit from catering? Are there any employee discounts they would be interested in?
  • Reach out to businesses and offer your services. Remember to highlight the benefits of working with your restaurants, such as quality food and exceptional customer service.
  • Negotiate terms that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Once you’ve reached an agreement, follow through on your commitments and deliver on your promises.
  1. Create Enticing Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Offering discounts, freebies, or other perks to customers who sign up for your restaurant loyalty program or purchase during promotion can be a great way to get them in the door. Once they’re in, it’s up to you to provide them with an exceptional customer experience that will keep them coming back.

Creating a loyalty program is also a great way to encourage repeat business from your best customers. By offering exclusive deals and rewards, you can show your appreciation for their patronage.

  1. Offer Free Wi-Fi

Offering free Wi-Fi at your restaurant is a great way to attract new customers. Not only will they appreciate the convenience of not having to use their data plan, but they’ll also be more likely to spend time (and money) at your establishment. Plus, with Wi-Fi available, they can easily share photos and customer reviews of your food and drinks with their friends and followers – which could lead to even more business for you.

  1. Ensure Restaurant Is Visible and Easy to Find

A well-designed sign is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. It helps attract new customers and distinguish your restaurant from the competition.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your restaurant’s sign:

  • If you’re located in a shopping center or mall, make sure your storefront is eye-catching and inviting. Ensure it is visible and easy to read from the street. Use outdoor furniture or plants to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Consider the message you want to convey with your sign. Your sign should reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant. Is your restaurant casual or fine dining? Upscale or family style dining?
  • Don’t forget to include your name and logo. A simple yet effective sign will help new customers find your restaurant and remember it for future visits.
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  1. Provide Live Music

Live music is a great way to attract new customers to your restaurant. People love listening to and going to live music venues, which creates a fun and festive atmosphere that will make your restaurant more appealing. Make sure to book various acts so that there’s something for everyone.

  1. Use Email Marketing

eCommerce email marketing is a great way to reach new potential customers. You can use email to promote special events or offers, and you can also use it to keep in touch with your regular customers.

Make sure to add an opt-in form to your website so people can sign up for your email list. Personalized eCommerce email is a great way to show your customers that you value their business.

  1. Start a Birthday Program

People love getting free stuff on birthdays, so why not start a birthday program at your restaurant? Offer a free dessert or appetizer to anyone who comes in on their birthday.

You could even offer a discount on their meal. This is a great way to attract new customers and show your existing customers that you value their business.

  1. Food and Wine Pairing Event

Consider hosting a wine food pairing event at your restaurant. These events are a great way to promote your business and introduce people to new wines and dishes.

To ensure your event is a success, advertise in advance and provide a wine pairing chart and lists of possible pairings, such as wine pairing with salmon, wine pairing with chicken, lamb wine pairing, and turkey wine pairing.

If you’re unsure what wines to serve, ask a local wine sommelier for recommendations. They’ll be able to help you choose the perfect wines for your event.

  1. Start A Cooking Class

If you have a passion for cooking, why not share it with others by starting cooking classes at your restaurant? This is a great way to attract new customers interested in learning how to cook.

You can also use this as an opportunity to promote your restaurant’s menu items. Make sure to advertise your classes in advance so people can sign up.

  1. Themed Nights

One way to attract new customers to your restaurant is to host themed nights. This could be anything from a “Taco Tuesday” to a unique theme like an Italian night or seafood night.

Advertise these nights in advance and offer special discounts or menu items on the evening of the event. This will give people a reason to try your restaurant and hopefully become regular customers. And don’t forget happy hour themes! These are always popular and can be a great way to get people in the door.

  1. Show Sporting Events

Another way to bring in new business is by showing popular sporting events at your establishment. People love gathering together to watch their favorite teams compete, and if they can do it while enjoying some good food and drinks, all the better! Ensure you advertise which games you’ll be showing in advance so people can plan accordingly.

  1. Host Holiday Parties

One of the busiest months for restaurants is during the holiday season. People are always looking for places to host their holiday parties, and if you can offer a great deal on catering, you’re sure to attract new customers. Make sure your restaurant is decorated appropriately for the season and that you have enough staff on hand to accommodate large groups.

  1. Share Your Recipes

If you want to draw people in, why not share some of your recipes with the public? You can share recipes online or even print them out and hand them out to people who come into your restaurant. This is a great way to show off your culinary skills and get people interested in trying your food.

Not only will this help promote your restaurant, but it will also give people a chance to try out your food before they commit to eating there. This can be a great way to build up word-of-mouth buzz and get more people through your doors.

  1. Offer Gift Cards

Another great way to attract new customers is by offering gift cards. This is a great way to show appreciation to loyal customers who refer others to your business. You can also offer discounts on future purchases when people purchase gift cards, which will further incentivize people to try out your restaurant.

  1. Meet the Chef

If you want to make an impression, why not host a meet and greet with the executive chef? This is an excellent way for people to get to know the person behind the food and also helps build up hype for your restaurant. Make sure you promote these events in advance so people can plan to attend.

  1. Offer Online Ordering and Delivery Options

In today’s world, people want convenience, and that includes when it comes to food. If you offer online ordering for restaurants and delivery options, such as offering curbside pick up, you’ll be able to appeal to a whole new group of potential customers looking for a hassle-free dining experience.

  1. Get Involved In Your Local Community

If you’re looking to attract customers to your restaurant, one of the best things you can do is get involved in your local community. This could mean anything from sponsoring a little league team to hosting a charity event at your restaurant. Whatever you do, make sure you’re promoting your business, so people know where to find you.

By getting involved in your community, you’ll not only be attracting new customers but also showing your existing customers that you’re invested in their community. This can go a long way in creating loyalty and repeat business.

Following these tips will help you attract new customers to your restaurant. But remember: building a loyal customer base takes time and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

If you have unanswered questions about how to attract new customers to your restaurant, check out our FAQ below.

What Words Attract Customers?

When it comes to marketing and advertising, certain words and phrases can be extremely effective in attracting customers. Here are some of the most powerful words that you can use to get people interested in what you’re offering:

  • Free
  • Exclusive
  • Easy
  • Limited
  • Get
  • Guaranteed
  • You
  • Best

What Makes a Restaurant Popular?

Many factors contribute to a restaurant’s popularity. Some of the most important include the quality of the food, the atmosphere, and good customer service.

What Is the Main Goal of a Restaurant?

The main goal of a restaurant is to increase sales and profits. To do this, restaurants need to attract and retain customers.

They can do this by offering great food and service at a fair price. Restaurants also need to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that will keep customers coming back.

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