REVOLUTION Proudly Enables

Mobile Payment Technology

Easy Integration

Revolution’s integration team to handle all integration aspects.

Offer More Convenience

Let your customers use the most convenient option securely on their mobile wallet or web browser.

Enable Quicker Checkouts

Google Pay enables faster, easier and more secure checkout experiences without redirecting customers to 3rd party sites.

What is Order One Enterprise?

Order One Enterprise is a digital ordering platform with innovative features and integrations supporting the best overall experience for restaurant customers. Order One Enterprise also features payment integrations with a variety of payment processors including as WorldPay, and among others.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

What is Google Pay™?

Google Pay is the payment system by Google. Google Pay securely stores credit card data in the Google Pay account and allows users to send payments without entering payment information manually. Google Pay is the only payment option when your site is hosted with Order One Enterprise integrated with the Google Food Ordering platform. We hope to make Google Pay a payment option available to Order One online ordering in the future.

For more information on Google Pay, refer to:

Getting Started

Before getting started, review and accept the Google Pay API Terms of Service and Google Pay’s Acceptable Use Policy.

To begin using Google Pay with Order One Enterprise integrated with the Google Food Ordering platform, contact your account manager today or contact us through our website for more information.


  • An active Order One Enterprise account.

  • Company Google account.

  • Google Pay Merchant ID, sign up here.

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